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** Important – BT Mail Server **

IMPORTANT Members with BT email accounts (eg [member] should be aware that the BT mail server is automatically rejecting a number of messages sent to their account on the grounds that these are being considered 'spam'. It would be helpful if the Branch Secretaries who have BT email accounts could please let me have an alternative [...]


I bet you thought this offer had ended didn't you?  Apparently not, according to their website... To mark the year in which the International Police Association (IPA) was founded, that is 1950, the Association is giving away FREE* membership to the first 1,950 people who apply after 1 December 2014. Places are available on [...]

All My Emails Have Disappeared!

(click to enlarge) Letter to the Narpo website “All my e-mails have disappeared” How many times have I heard that lately? Invariably it is from someone who is using more than one device for receiving e-mails, I-pod, Smartphone, Android or simply another newer computer, whilst still using the old one. Your old [...]

Hot Tip…

You can view forthcoming events on your Branch NOTICEBOARD


Currently the pension of the widow or widower ceases if they remarry or cohabit, Do you think this is fair ?

Do You know the difference between http and https ?

What is the difference between http and https? Don’t know how many of you are aware of this difference, but it is worth sending to any who do not.